One connected button, millions of potential applications
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What is Pressto?

Pressto bundles a connected button, GSM connectivity and management platform in a single package which allows you to focus on building the application that the button press triggers.

The press of a button transfers a small payload of information to your application which includes GPS coordinates along with time / date and simple button status information.

What will you do with Pressto?

Automate your home

Add your button to your connected home environment to control your lights, heating or media from just about anywhere.



  • Quad band GSM connected button
  • Transmits GPS Location, Time / Date & button status
  • USB rechargeble battery
  • Powered by Thingstream
  • L x W x H = 74mm x 31mm x 23.5mm


Button purchase inclusive of 12 months GSM roaming in 36 countries on over 100 GSM networks

Powered by Thingstream

Wherever there is a need for secure, small data communications between devices in remote location, or devices on the move with cloud applictaions, Thingstream may be able to help. By solving a bunch of the difficult technology stuff, Thingstream allows you to focus on solving your business problem.

Inclusive connectivity
Global mobility
Lower cost of devices