One connected button, millions of potential applications
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What is Pressto?

Pressto bundles a connected button, GSM connectivity and management platform in a single package which allows you to focus on building the application that the button press triggers.

The press of a button transfers a small payload of information to your application which includes GPS coordinates along with time / date and simple button status information.

What will you do with Pressto?

Automate your home

Automate a wide variety of actions from a single press of the button: order a taxi from a button at reception, notify colleagues when coffee is freshly brewed, or simply count something.



  • Quad band GSM connected button
  • Transmits GPS Location, Time / Date & button status
  • USB rechargeable battery
  • Powered by Thingstream
  • L x W x H = 74mm x 31mm x 23.5mm


Button purchase inclusive of 12 months GSM roaming covering almost anywhere in the world out of the box!

Powered by Thingstream

Wherever there is a need for secure, small data communications between devices in remote location, or devices on the move with cloud applications, Thingstream may be able to help. By solving a bunch of the difficult technology stuff, Thingstream allows you to focus on solving your business problem.

Inclusive connectivity
Global mobility
Lower cost of devices